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Audi strangely market the R8 as the “slowest car we’ve ever built”. At first glance, this is a very odd claim to make. Just by looking at the Audi R8 you can tell it’s itching to get out onto the track and burn some serious rubber. So, how can they call it slow? It must be a mistake?

They are, of course, referring to the build time. Only 25 Audi R8s roll off the production line each day. It’s only when you realise the labour of love that each Audi R8 is does the meaning become clear. Each car is hand assembled by a team of engineers to make sure that each of the 5000 components fits together perfectly.

The Audi R8 is named after one of the most successful Le Mans winning race cars of all time and also shares a heritage with the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Audi R8 is blisteringly fast and handles like a dream. The V8 engine will have you screaming around the track and the four wheel drive will have you firmly planted on the road.

When driving the Audi R8 you’ll appreciate that this is one of the 21st Century’s first true supercars.

The Audi R8 combines sheer, unadulterated power with high technology trimmings. You’ll find that the Audi R8 is a drivers car that offers comfort while it thrills.

Slow, it most certainly is not!!

You’ll find that most of the leading track day experience companies offer R8 experiences at a full range of UK venues. The one that we recommend usually is Buyagift for their amazing choice of driving experiences.

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A few Facts about the Audi R8:
1. The Audi R8 shares 15% of its construction with the Lamborghini Gallardo.
2. Over 95 lasers check 220 measurements on the car to within 1/10th of a mm.
3. The Audi R8 uses magneto rheological dampers in its suspension. They make for a heck of a smooth ride.
4. The Audi R8 was named the 2008 World Performance Car of the Year by the slightly more prestigious World Car of the Year awards.

Give one a try.  It’s a really great car and you’re certain to have a fantastic Audi R8 track day driving experience.

You can buy for yourself or as a gift voucher for someone special.  It’d be a day they’ll never forget.

Audi R8 Track Days by

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